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Hey there, I’m Ana!

Straight out of fashion school, I began working as a freelance copywriter for clients from fashion designers to startups featured in the New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE Magazine, Man Repeller, before venturing into developing, curating and marketing products and brands in lingerie, womenswear, bridal, childrenswear and beauty, with a strong focus on environmental and social ethics. Along the way, I've been featured on Huffington Post, Evernote,, Georgia Straight, the world's leading trend forecasting network WGSN, and Etsy Tastemakers.

My work always seems to land me in that sweet spot in between fluff and depth, frivolity and substance, high heels and sneakers. That’s just the story of my life. Up next? Exploring technology as a way to move fashion forward and make real, lasting change in how we shop, how we create, and how we can make the planet a groovy(er) place to be.

Today, I'm helping entrepreneurs at Shopify and am currently building two retail startups: ptl beauty and The Good Closet.

You can find me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

P.S. Elle Woods is my hero.